Correct on Asian Carp

The WSJ’s own warning, “Another warning or giant carp,” is “Type 2 The Surprisingly Correct”.   Unfortunately (for our little taxonomy) it’s not “surprising” in the right way. What we really meant by surprising is that it goes against at least some element of the State Journal’s political ideology.  But the spread of Asian carp isn’t ideological. At least not yet .  The Asian carp fisheries, which do exist in Illinois and export millions of pounds — mostly back to Asia, have not yet become a powerful lobby group.   So the issue remains blessedly scientific and non-ideological.

And to be fair, the editorial doesn’t seem to be motivated by the need to rebuild damaged credibility on the WSJ editorial page.  Maybe, like us, they just think Lake Michigan Lake Perch Are Delicious and want to see the little guys survive this invasion. We’re starting to think our little 5-bucket taxonomy could have been concocted a little too cynically.