Wisconsin State Journal delivers the Meat

So, yes, for some reason the State Journal published their ‘Ryan for President’ piece online, far ahead of the print edition.  Did somebody inadvertently hit the launch button??  Well, whatever.

But speaking of things that don’t matter, what type of editorial (of the 5 Types) was it?

Senior Editor J had immediately considered it a Category 1 – The Genuine Meat since it was [intended] to appear on a Sunday (day of highest circulation) and because it endorsed a candidate.   However, Other-Senior-Editor D then questioned whether it shouldn’t be considered a Category 5 – Unintentionally Hilarious.  She notes [correctly] that it does include hugely counterfactual ideas which must naturally undermine the credibility of the WSJ editorial writers.

“Point taken,” said J, “but the WSJ isn’t making an ‘argument.’  It’s just a series of bullet points.  It’s not aimed at anyone who knows anything, or can put things together….”

“But that stuff about the serious young man making serious proposals…” said D.  “About serious issues with Serious Seriousness.  It’s unintentionally hilarious!  Ergo, Type 5!!!”

“My dear, you are never more lovely than when you are laughing.  And wearing that little apron!”

“Get away now. I am making pesto.”

Finally, we agreed that I could decide the matter as long as I promised to dedicate the remainder of my life to her happiness.

Type 1 – The Genuine Meat it is.