Always Have Spare Batteries for Your Flashlight!

In a classic Type 3 Filler the State Journal warns about staying safe after dark: Don’t be alone. Have a friend with you.  Avoid dark alleys. It’s all good advice, but need it be said? Are there readers who don’t already know this?  Nope.  Surely if you’re old enough to read an editorial page, you’ve heard this advice many times over.

But deadlines arrive.  Something had to be published. Bring on the Filler.

Today’s little twinkie was special in one way, however.  It contains these lurid lines:

Footsteps quicken. The heart races. Waves of terror crash in unabated.

Often, the episode proves harmless and the fear gene subsides as quickly as it arose.

Sounds like “someone” is working on a bad novel…

But then, aren’t we all.


2 thoughts on “Always Have Spare Batteries for Your Flashlight!

  1. Anonymous

    After writing a FILLER, what do they do for the rest of the day? This is very easy work, isn’t it?

  2. J

    Well, yes, Anonymous, it is easy. Half-an-hour? An hour? to produce something like today’s little effort. It is August, however. Much of American journalism takes August off, on a long European-style vacation. It’s a tradition for them, if not for everyone.