The Taxonomist Is In

This thing, today, what is it?  How do we classify it?  It’s all over the map.

Adding to our suspicion that he’s working on a novel or screen play, still-Editor Milfred ‘sets an opening scene’ populated by boys ‘n’ girls ‘n’ playgounds, but then fades to an adult world of the past (as he remembers it).  It wasn’t a deliberate, full-on gutting of public unions because of their perverse habit of supporting Democrats.  He recalls

…a debate that featured much disagreement.

For some, that discord remains unresolved, and the changes that resulted unsatisfying. And while the complicated and controversial issue of state policies is still around, today we bring a much simpler message for parents and guardians: Get involved with your student’s education.

Aha, we thought.  It’s a Type 4 – Distractor editorial.  But now, it was veering off into The Land of Platitudes, albeit fairly good ones.  Yes, parental involvement is very, very important.  Everybody knows that. No one can possibly disagree with that.  Aha, we said to ourselves, this is actually an Editorial of the 3rd Kind – Filler.

But then, for reasons unknown, Milfred picks up the phone to get some quotes from experts.  (Like a reporter, kind of.)  Unsurprisingly, both experts are solidly in favor of parental involvement.   Milfred’s premise then seems to be confirmed as Correct, but far from “Surprisingly Correct” (Editorial Type 2), because it’s not surprising.  It’s a Platitude.

So what type of editorial is this thing?   I contacted myself for a quote. “We’re still working on it.  We take these classification decisions very seriously, ” I said.

Other Senior editor D, when contacted, said, “No we don’t.”   She recommended flipping a coin or something.

OK, turns out, it’s Filler.