Warning: Dangerous to Read

Warning: Do not read today’s Labor Day editorial in the Wisconsin State Journal.  It’s here, as usual, but don’t click on that link.  This piece honestly reaches a level of worthlessness that is jarring.  You will ask yourself again and again, not just, “Why do they bother to publish this undisguised applesauce?” but also, “Why am I reading applesauce? I should go elsewhere.”

2 thoughts on “Warning: Dangerous to Read

  1. Anonymous

    Well, I read it. It was like a guy at his best friend’s wedding who hasn’t really got anything nice to say or any actual hopes for the couple, but he’s supposed to make a toast, and it turns into kind of a drunken, insincere, inappropriate ramble with some sports metaphors –100% is not enough! — until he remembers what he’s supposed to say, “Congratulations, Best Wishes”. Then he pukes.

  2. J Post author

    We thought it sounded like a college student required to write an exam essay question, who really knew nothing, and so faked a couple hundred words…

    But your description is very much better. Thanks!