Show us the money! Yeah, every stinkin’ penny!

In its 9-6-2011 editorial the Wisconsin State Journal applauds the new attempt to put up a website that reports virtually all State of Wisconsin spending. This is one of their Type 2 editorials — The Surprisingly Correct.

Well, maybe it’s correct.  We’re not convinced, but maybe it’s correct. It’s hard to argue that we Wisconsinites shouldn’t be able to see how the state is spending money.  On the other hand, it’s hard (for us here at The Daily Tissue) to imagine a website that could possibly make this ginormous mountain of  data (every expenditure greater than $100!) comprehensible to anyone who isn’t already a full-time, paid, budget analyst with access to this data already.

However, we’re not accountants or web-designers, so our doubts  may very well stem from failure to imagine what such a website could look like.

This did cause us (for the first time) to visit the existing Contract Sunshine website just to look around. Everyone agrees that its data is spotty if not missing altogether, but we thought we’d look around.  After a few minutes, we fell fast asleep, and woke hours later, well-rested but still dubious whether something like this can really work.