Money Corrupts? Who Knew?

In today’s repeat performance (link here), the Wisconsin State Journal calls for appointing Wisconsin Supreme Court Justices.  They publish this call at least several times a year.

Considered purely on its own, out of context, it’s not crazy.  This line is pretty good, in fact:

…These ugly judicial elections, driven by shadowy special interest groups with lots at stake in future court decisions, are a huge contributor to our high court’s embarrassing dysfunction.

And this, too:

…as judicial campaigns have become more vicious and money-soaked…

But this all applies to elections generally.

Why be concerned about the court, but not the governorship or the legislature? That’s one question, and the answer is a mystery to us. And a second question is — having noted that bushels of outside money influencing or actually controlling the outcome of elections is an OBVIOUS problem — why does the WSJ not consider attacking that OBVIOUS problem itself? They don’t say. 

Meanwhile the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign has offered substantial suggestions about how to remedy the obvious problem. It’s here.