Advice from One Ailing Business to Another

How does a particular topic catch the attention of the Wisconsin State Journal editorial board?

Today, as a pointless, two-decade-long, self-inflicted wound to America finally ends, WE might have said something about the end of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ in the U.S. military.

The State Journal decided to talk about the U.S. Postal Service. Well, okay. That’s a good choice, too.

They make the entirely fair point that new forms of communication are killing the USPS cash cow – 1st class mail. They make the also-fair point that newspaper-ing has been suffering from technology changes as well.  So we were saying to ourselves, well, this looks like an ‘Editorial Type 2 – The Surprisingly Correct’… but the tone… the language… the complete absence of empathy…. The dickishness — that’s the word — the needless, ideological catch-phrase dickishness made us realize they had taken a simple observation and troweled on enough talking points to make it an Editorial Type 1: The Genuine Meat.

Consider this paragraph:

A taxpayer bailout of the Postal Service isn’t justified. The Postal Service should continue to operate using its own revenue, rather than requiring fat government subsidies. The federal government simply can’t afford more red ink.

It’s not necessary to call it “a taxpayer bailout” with “fat government subsidies.” A system by which people and businesses send physical packages around the country [planet] is vitally necessary. It’s more expensive, of course, to do this in rural and remote areas.  It might, however, be something that we as a nation decide we want to do.  Just as we might decide (at a cost) to ensure that roads and electricity and public health and broadband service extend all throughout America.  To immediately launch into the rhetoric of “taxpayer bailouts” and “fat government subsidies” is, we find, dickish.

To see the very same topic approached in a non-dickish, non-ideological way, here’s Jon Stewart [includes commercial]: