our editors discuss extreme worthlessness

Making the same mistake he’s made before, Senior Editor J, from the living room, loudly excoriates the State Journal editorial page for its extreme worthlessness.

Other-Senior Editor D pipes up from the kitchen, “Usage! Usage! Once a thing is worthless, that’s the end state.  It can’t get ‘worth less‘ after it’s already worthless. Ergo, the phrase ‘extreme worthlessness’ contains a useless adjective.”

“Well, the words just spring to mind — ‘Extreme Worthlessness!’ Believe me, it happens to everyone…”

“Not to me. Is ‘extreme worthlessness’ different from ‘worthlessness’?”

“You are a stickler, you know that?”

“Yes, Senior Editor J, I am. You are extremely correct.”

“Now you’re just mocking me! What if I say that you, D, are entirely perfect.”

“Well, thank you, I suppose I am.”  ♥