State Journal takes a worrying turn for the worse

The Wisconsin State Journal took a worrying turn today in a Sunday editorial that seems to be something of a schizophrenic ‘word salad’, a symptom which signals nothing good for the future of making sense out of official State Journal opinions.

People with receptive aphasia can speak with normal grammar, syntax, rate, intonation and stress, but their language content is incorrect. They may use the wrong words, insert nonexistent words into speech (neologisms), or string normal words together randomly (word salad). They retain the ability to sing or to recite something memorized.

As best we could tell, they mentioned a dozen or so familiar phrases, and seemed worried about each and every one.  For those unfamiliar with the term ‘word salad’, this video may assist, although it is not related to schizophrenia but rather to political narcissism: