Excellent Example of the Distractor Editorial

Today we were excited to view the Wisconsin State Journal’s online editorial of the day (“Don’t dismiss tourism jobs“) and discover a genuine Type 4 Editorial – The Distractor.  The Distractor is the rarest of State Journal editorials, and this one is, as predicted, silly and even insulting to readers, but as an example of its type, it’s excellent.

  (See all 5 types of State Journal editorial defined here.)

The Distractor editorial is by definition

Designed to distract attention away from something else.

But, in a really classic example, it will be clear exactly what the editorial is trying to distract us from.

Can you guess what today’s Distractor doesn’t want to discuss?  Or rather, can anyone fail to guess what it doesn’t want to discuss? (Sadly some WSJ readers will not be able to answer this question, but the highly intelligent readers of TheDailyTissue.com know instantly.)

The grim fact is that we have only one major local newspaper. It is fully prepared to use its editorial page to distract rather than inform.