Farewell to an iCon



In a nicely titled tribute to Steve Jobs, “Farewell to an iCon“, the State Journal editorial provides a Type 3 Filler today.

Oddly, before getting on with the salute, the author (Scott Milfred, we assume) veers off on this dickish tangent:

Oh, yes, there are plenty of people among us who never liked you much. Thought you and your company were arrogant, controlling and conniving. Thought the whole Apple culture was cult-like. Thought you did little more than popularize other people’s ideas.

Jeeze… Milfred is not a guy you’d want as best man at your wedding… unless you’re hoping for a toast where he recollects that time he had sex with the bride.

But then the eulogy completes, blessedly back on track, and Milfred has the remaining 7 hours of the workday to really study up on some important issue. We’ll see on Sunday.