Big improvement deserves support

Sunday’s online editorial, “Big improvement deserves support,” features an artist’s rendering shown here on the left. Look at the cool purple sky, warm sunset and super-cool, tree-lined, purple street. Who would be against that?

Not us.

Jerome Frautschi and Pleasant Rowland are AGAIN making a huge donation/investment in  downtown Madison. It promises a much better block on Fairchild Street, higher property tax to the city,  about $200,000 donated annually to the neighboring Overture Center for the Arts, and an honest attempt to preserve the historic feel of State Street’s 100 block. We know there are difficult concerns about historic preservation. We really hope those can be sorted out. And we are confident they will be, because Madison is filled with reasonable people (snark-mongers to the contrary).

Naturally, the Wisconsin State Journal editorial board supports this project unequivocably.  It’s what they do. There is, we believe, no actual development proposal that they would ever oppose. If an imaginary crackpot developer proposed a downtown facility to burn tires and mix the ash with nuclear waste trucked in from distant power plants (thereby “creating much-needed jobs!”), we might, only then, see if the Journal has a limit.

The point being, automatic endorsement of the WSJ means little here. But the endorsement of The Daily Tissue, now that is BIG.