Newspaper just can’t keep its mouth shut


The Figure 5 in Gold

Charles Demuth, The Figure 5 in Gold (1928), Museum of Modern Art, New York

The definition of the “Type 5” State Journal editorial reads, in part

5.  The Unintentionally Hilarious (or Just Plain Sad).   The Type 5 editorial adopts a ludicrous, counterfactual or illogical line of argument which then has the actual, unintended effect of showing that the editorial writers — had they gone to law school — would have become very, very bad lawyers….

Today’s editorial breaks new ground.  By arguing that all of Wisconsin’s local school board notices are best publicized by printing them in local newspapers, and that boards should be legally required to do so, the WSJ foolishly involves itself in an obvious conflict of interest — both an apparent conflict of interest, and an actual conflict of interest.

Their arguments are weak, but the really salient problem is blatant, direct, financial conflict of interest. Truly weird that they blunder on into this.