Wisconsin State Journal Uncovers ANOTHER MoleHill

That's right, it's another mole hill

No one should be surprised when the Wisconsin State Journal wastes everybody’s time by printing an editorial page.

They do it again today with a piece where the long title says it all: Congress should ditch the dollar bill for long-lasting dollar coins. This is their idea for saving us from our federal deficits. Online commenters quickly and correctly pounced on the idea as simply inconsequential, as it would save each of us about 50¢ a year.

On the other hand, here again is the chart which shows ever so clearly what needs to be fixed in regard to the federal deficit.  We need to a) recover from this economic recession so more people can have jobs and pay taxes, b) end the unfunded wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and c) repeal the Bush tax cuts.  That’s almost ALL of it, but the only one of these we’re making progress on is ending the occupation of Iraq.  Remove a. b and c… and the annual deficit is gone. 

The Wisconsin State Journal‘s little distraction today is, of course, disappointing.  But it’s an insignificant part of our information problem. Great swaths of our media are given over to bread and circus barkers pretending to be serious journalists and pundits and thinkers. It’s the incredible shrinking news. Many well-intentioned people are confused by this. We were. We’re struggling to kick the habit.

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