All in [1/8th of] a day’s work

In still another puzzling “editorial” the Wisconsin State Journal praises the decision in Armonk, New York, to name Virginia Rometty CEO of IBM.


Meanwhile: While the State Journal was at an utter loss to say anything useful today, former mayor Dave Cieslewics, blogging at The Daily Page, is fearless (in

several senses of the word) discussing Wisconsin’s new concealed carry gun law. Good for him. Quick takeaways: 1) Cieslewics isn’t afraid of the NRA, 2) or else he’s done running for public office, and 3) switchblade and machine gun manufacturers need much better lobbyists. They must be kicking themselves for not riding this tide. Today, more than 80,000 people downloaded Wisconsin concealed carry applications, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.