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Mark today as the start of the Wisconsin Recall Dust Storm (Part II)

We refer, of course, to the dust that will surely be thrown by the Wisconsin State Journal editorial page (and others) trying to diminish, obfuscate, and confuse voters about the coming recall elections.  Today’s editorial begins

Regular elections were held last fall across Wisconsin.

Then came a series of unprecedented recall elections during the summer.

Now more recalls appear imminent next year.

And then come the regular fall elections again.

It’s a dizzying and endless campaign cycle that’s exhausting the public and hurting Wisconsin’s ability to think and plan…

Oh, it’s all so confusing… and hurtful!

The editors can pretend not to understand why so many Wisconsin citizens are — for the first time in their lives — exercising the right to recall elected officials. The Walker/Fitzgerald reign has been shocking. Running on a campaign to increase jobs, they were actually plotting to crush the public unions.  Let’s remember that the unions quickly agreed last January to financial give backs, and that was not enough. No, the unions needed to be broken. The reason, unacknowledged of course, was that unions have traditionally supported Democrats.

With corporate money unchecked after the Citizens United ruling, a neutered labor movement would be delicious frosting on the Republican cake.

Busting unions wasn’t enough. The very worst-in-generations gerrymandering of voting districts would also assist the Republicans. See this from the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign.

Not content with that bit of self-serving anti-democacy map-drawing, they then rammed through their “Voter ID” voter suppression bill, dealing a 3rd damaging blow to Wisconsin voters and Wisconsin democracy. Just like union-busting, voter suppression of Democratic-leaning cohorts of eligible voters occurred nationwide where the Republicans had gained state-level control.

Walker and the Fitzgerald brothers are gutter fighters. They’re bad for Wisconsin politics, bad for democracy. Everybody who has advanced the Walker/Fitzgerald agenda needs to go.

Will they go? That remains to be seen. The majority of Wisconsinites, as in every state, give little attention to their government. There are now vast sums of money that can be spent — vast in terms of influencing elections, not really “vast” to the people and groups controlling that money.  And there are constant and ubiquitous media messages to keep voters confused, distracted, and often pitifully misinformed.

The Wisconsin State Journal editorial page will be there in the coming months, as they are today, pretending to have the vapors, misstating recent history, calling for centrism and bipartisanship, and urging us not to look back, but forward, ever forward. It’s all dust in the eyes.

2 thoughts on “Throwing Dust in Our Eyes

  1. anonymous

    Cullen is quoted saying “even the most popular person in the world could be recalled.”

    I don’t think he really understands how voting works.