“Think Big”

Today the Wisconsin State Journal tells us “Think big to tame college costs”. Rarely has an editorial sported a dumber headline.

To combat the ever-rising cost of college, the editorial urges everybody to think big.  And then It goes on to offer a list of plainly piddling, inconsequential ideas, which must have seemed like outside-the-box thinking to the WSJ editorial board:

  • Students, take some classes on-line.
  • Don’t pick one of those “prestige” institutions.
  • Professors, put your classes on-line. (See bullet point 1 again)
  • Offer 3-year bachelor degrees! (Why not 2-year or 1-year?) (Six-week graduate degrees?)
  • Colleges, universities, eliminate unnecessary degree programs. (Sheesh, colleges, put on your thinking caps! You should’ve thought of that yourselves.)
  • And the final solution, don’t go to college!
Yes, with the help of the Wisconsin State Journal, America can now see the way forward to taming the cost of college education. Thank you, State Journal.