Newspaper reluctant to wear its ‘I’m With Stupid’ t-shirt

Our Index of Daily Editorials shows that it’s been over 2 weeks since the Wisconsin State Journal managed to produce a “Type 2 – Surprisingly Correct” editorial. But today we have one: “Another distraction from jobs“.

Wis. Rep. Andre Jacque, R-Bellevue

It criticizes the work of this guy, as follows (emphasis is ours):

Rep. Andre Jacque, R-Bellevue, just introduced a proposed state constitutional amendment to redefine “personhood.”

The proposal is patterned after a measure that voters in the much more conservative state of Mississippi just rejected. So its prospects in Wisconsin are slim to none.

Yet Jacque’s amendment will nonetheless trigger high-profile Capitol hearings, emotional debate and big headlines about whether human eggs — from the moment they are fertilized — deserve the same constitutional rights as living, breathing people.

This isn’t just a distraction. It’s actually a detriment to Wisconsin’s economy and jobs because it sends a message far and wide that Wisconsin may not be a good place for high-tech companies to prosper.

The Journal is quite right in its criticism, but once again hopelessly confused about the Republican Party. The state party might once have been led by sensible, upstanding businessmen of the local chamber of commerce. Not anymore. Sensible, upstanding fellows might still belong to the party, but they’re not always driving. They’re often just along for the ride.

We hate to be rude, but simple honesty requires us to observe that the Republican party has been on a long bender, picking up oddball supporters since the Southern Strategy began in 70’s. When The Simpsons on Fox Entertainment made this passing joke about Fox News, it was darkly funny because it was true. And it’s true of today’s GOP. You don’t need to be a racist, but if you fear and hate brown people or black people, you know where to go.

The GOP has put together a coalition of race-baiters, birthers, climate deniers, homophobes, Creationists, anti-taxers, Bible-jugglers, xenophobes, Christian Dominionists, and radical anti-abortion zealots (to name a few). Somehow these folks are supposed to share values with the super-rich and the local small business-people in the Republican Party.

But the oddballs are sometimes going to demand that Attention Be Paid!  Enter Representative Andre Jacque, R-Bellevue. The Wisconsin State Journal should really plan to get used to it.