Scott Walker requires money

Another fund-raising letter from Governor Walker arrived the other day. It seems odd that sophisticated campaigns send mail to folks who are surely NOT EVER going to contribute to a candidate. But, for now, we get these letters…

…which are weird.

Here’s how the latest one (dated Nov. 23, 2011) starts (emphasis in the original):

The Wisconsin Democrat Party is following through on their months-long threat; they’re launching a recall election against me.

Our rivals are probably bringing in out-of-state hired guns, circulating thousands of petitions, gathering the 540,000 signatures they need, and forging an alliance of Big Government Liberals, Big Government Union Bosses, powerful Far-Left Special Interests and Super PACs, and National Democrats from the White House on down.

WHO, we wonder, is this addressing? Idiot silly-people? We know that political fundraising letters always trade on fears of what the other party might do. That’s just standard.

But these boogeymen in the Scott Walker letter are just pitifully WEAK.

Who are these Big Government Union Bosses? The head of SEIU? We can’t at the moment remember WHAT “SEIU” stands for; and we surely can’t think of who might be its leader. Big Government Union Boss? The governor is known to have far more powerful pals than any union leader (aka “boss”).

And who are the Far-Left Special Interests? What far-left interests are they pursuing? Healthcare? Contraception? Roads and bridges? Jobs? Clean water? What? Is someone proposing to seize the means of production and create a worker’s paradise? (Answer: no)

We have no idea what the governor’s letter is talking about.

Are there people who get these letters, and find this overheated rhetoric motivating?

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