Breaking News: Editorial Page available for rent

The Wisconsin State Journal scales new heights today offering its opinion on at least one part of the city’s proposed planning for Downtown Madison.

They think — are you ready? — the Plan should have taller buildings.

We were surprised, because this kind of detailed city planning work, with all its specialized expertise, and all its messy, sometimes-boring public input from citizens and neighborhood groups, and all its various committee reviews… is the sort of thing that a newspaper might have followed once upon a time, but surely, nowadays, can no longer possibly follow, because of ever-thinning numbers of reporters.

How, we wondered, had the State Journal editorial board managed to slice though all the complexity to form a definite opinion about building-heights in downtown neighborhoods? It seems an amazing feat of concentration and analysis.

But then in the 2nd-last paragraph, all is revealed:

“We’re creating so many more ways to say no,” said Carole Schaeffer, executive director of Smart Growth Greater Madison, which represents builders. A developer would have to be “incredibly wealthy, masochistically tenacious or just plain crazy” to build Downtown.

Oh, silly us. And we KNEW this already. The State Journal editorial board hasn’t spent ten minutes (much less whatever it takes) to learn about downtown building heights.

The editorial page is just, as is obvious today, available for rent.