Is the sky falling, or not?

The Wisconsin State Journal tells us today “Sky isn’t falling on public schools“. We, too, had supposed the same thing! And those excitable silly-people who have been saying that the sky WAS falling… well… Wait… Who exactly has been saying the sky was falling?

No one?

Well, then what’s the State Journal talking about?

We DO recall expressions of deep concern that cutting a couple billion dollars from state education would be harmful, inevitably harmful.  And, of course, it is harmful.  And it will be harmful.  Ludicrous to think otherwise.

But this morning we’re reassured by reading the Wisconsin State Journal editorial page. Even they understand the obvious. Public schools under Scott Walker and Republican majorities aren’t collapsing. They’re merely getting worse. (Yes, It’s impossible to quantify exactly how much worse. Only time will tell.) But it’s not as if schools are collapsing.

So, good night, little children. All the stars are still in the heavens, and the moon will still wax and wane. Sleep tight. Your school will be open. The grown-ups are working everything out.