On the local newspaper’s big thought of the day

We kind of knew it would happen eventually, but it’s happening already now. This whole daily sentry thing is getting us down. Paying attention to the local newspaper’s idea of what’s important gradually wears you down. You wind up smaller. Just because they have your attention.

Somehow, through god-knows-what backroom-process, a newspaper decides on an editorial for the day.  Big-time newspapers offer several — the New York Times offers four; our Wisconsin State Journal offers one. This editorial is supposed to command our attention, or invite it, or focus it, or reward it, or something….

But, with the Wisconsin State Journal, it NEVER DOES.

Today, for whatever reason (we suppose it’s an on-going, man-love for Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Janesville) the State Journal wants us to imagine all the worthless self-interested, pork-provisions that could be vetoed out of Congressional bills, if only the President had additional new powers to do so.

It’s ANOTHER terrible idea from Paul Ryan. We thought the idea of Congress voluntarily ceding this power to the Executive had been ruled unconstitutional a few years ago, but the State Journal asserts this time it “meets constitutional muster” (no explanation why).

But forget the thing the State Journal wants us to focus on.  There’s another Invest-the-President-with-New-Authority bill. The National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 actually gives the Executive branch authority to name U.S. citizens “terrorists,” and then have the U.S. military conduct a hearing and hold that citizen in a military prison forever with no further legal recourse.

It’s pure totalitarianism. And it just passed in the U.S. Senate. Read about it here and here and here and here… and any number of news outlets except the Wisconsin State Journal editorial page where they’re snoozing along as usual, thinking the American strong man President needs additional powers.