Worlds Collide reports today that the TEA Party and the OCCUPY Movements recently — and for the first time — met secretly in an undisclosed location (okay, a handful of people at an art gallery in Richmond, VA) to discuss a possible peace treaty.

Apparently it didn’t go all that badly. According to the Salon article there were…

Worlds Collide by Bonnie Teitelbaum, acrylic on panel

A few things the two movements seemed to agree on:

  •  that the common citizen is no longer represented by his elected officials; 
  • that holding political office tends to corrupt even well-intended people; 
  • and that political parties are taking advantage of voters by seeking to polarize issues that really are of minimal consequence.

The emergence of an even loosely-aligned, like-minded 99% would, of course, be SUPER-DOOPER. No other description can possibly exist.

Can the TEAs and the OCCUPIERs actually agree on WHAT “issues are really of minimal consequence”? It seems unlikely. Very, very unlikely, but STAY BY YOUR COMMUNICATION DEVICES. That is what we’re doing.