Unusual Specimen

The Wisconsin State Journal offers today another of its “Filler” editorials.

Serious collectors, like us, are usually unexcited by these ‘Fillers’. But today’s editorial, “Thanks for another year of giving,” is an novus proprius (an unusual specimen)!

Let’s quickly review what a Filler editorial is. Two things:

  1. A Filler typically praises the good work of some community group or effort.
  2. A Filler is easy to write. Really easy. Often, it’s little more than a press release that flew in over the transom.

A quick look at the Index of Recent Editorials, shows that a whopping 24.5% of the State Journal’s editorials are “Fillers.”

But while most Fillers praise others, today’s Filler praises the State Journal itself, beginning,

Every kid deserves a toy on Christmas morning. That was the thought that launched the Wisconsin State Journal’s Empty Stocking Club 93 years ago, and that’s the thought that still drives it today.

We actually think they do a good job of walking a razor’s edge between self-serving narcissism and raising money for the kids. Go read it and judge for yourself.

It should be pretty well-crafted, because they’ve been working on it for 93 years.