Wow. Clowns again!

What in the world are readers supposed to make of the “editorial” in today’s Wisconsin State Journal? Did the Journal editors go to the annual office party and then start writing?

Believe it or not, the whole thing — “Grow back the magic mop top” — is about a UW basketball player’s hair. (The editorial board likes it long. They thought you’d like to know.)

The State Journal begins

It’s time to twist the classic Wisconsin cheer “Go Big Red!” to “Grow Big Red!”

It’s time for junior forward Mike Bruesewitz to grow back his magic mop top of curly red hair. His University of Wisconsin men’s basketball team and Badgers fans everywhere miss and need its mojo.

We’d normally leave it up to you, Mike, on how to do your do. Our aging and follicly-challenged newspaper editorial board is in no position to comment on collegiate cool.

It’s quite possible, in fact, that you are slightly faster on the court without the weight and wind resistance of all those floppy locks….

and continues on in the same silly vein.

Is this an editorial in any meaningful sense of the word?

Meanwhile over at Isthmus’ The Daily Page, ex-mayor Dave Cieslewicz, ironically enough, discusses local newspapers, and describes watching the Badger Herald  editors (i.e., UW student editors) at work

Sitting in on the Herald editorial board meetings I was struck by the earnestness of their efforts. Every line of an editorial was vetted for accuracy. Words were weighed carefully. Conclusions were challenged. There was an air of toughness and fairness and high ideals leavened with just the right healthy amount of skepticism that never crossed the line into cynicism.

Could the contrast be any more stark?