New online comment system at Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

As we’ve asked before, couldn’t we have a much better system for comments at the Wisconsin State Journal? Nothing yet.

But the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is making changes that make sense.

Here’s their summary:

Welcome to our new commenting system.

  • You can register through your Facebook account, sign on with your Facebook password and use the same photo and screen name. If you don’t want your account tied to Facebook, you can keep your registration through our site.
  • You can now personalize your Journal Sentinel account with a photo even if the account is not tied to Facebook.
  • You can now reply to comments. Replies will be threaded to make conversations easier to follow.
  • You can continue to sort comments according to oldest first, newest first, and most thumbs up.
  • Your comments are archived on your own page.
  • Please notify us if you see personal insults or other irresponsible comments. We reserve the right to eliminate any comments and block any commenter who is not civil and respectful of others.

This is what the Wisconsin State Journal needs, too. Or so we think.

Other news: The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is days away from implementing a new “pay wall,” limiting online readers to 20 articles per month, after which they will need to pay $2.35/week for access. We wish that people would pay gladly for the journalism they consume. It’s far from clear that they will. We have no answers.