State Journal advice

The editorial begins

Everyone seems to be trying, so we’ll give some credit for that.

But here’s our message to the WIAA and UW officials who are looking for options to keep the girls and boys state high school basketball tournaments in Madison: Try harder.

Oh, fer pete’s sake. The people responsible for scheduling are certainly quite aware of Madison’s hope for keeping the high school tourneys here.  Are they really helped by anyone saying, “Try harder”?  The dickish tone here is so unnecessary that someone at the State Journal needs to reevaluate how these editorials are chosen, written, reviewed, and published.

There is only one way to write something dickish and have it work. An excellent example is humorist David Rakoff’s “The Writer’s LIfe,” in which he offers hilariously self-absorbed thoughts on writing, from his rural New England writer’s hideaway.  All the while, his wife “Jane” is outside chopping wood, boiling water to do laundry, and wrapping plastic around fruit trees while the author is inside preparing to write, piddling away the time arranging his colored pencils, and so on.  It’s very funny. And that’s the only way to write something ludicrously dickish and have it work.