State Journal is ‘Surprisingly Correct’

It may be snowing outside. Vehicles may be drifting dreamily sideways over the frozen drizzle of last night. But it’s like the First day of Spring when the Wisconsin State Journal is Surprisingly Correct.

That’s what happened this morning. The daily editorial, which so often darkens our mornings and whittles away any optimism that these editorials can ever improve, today gets it right!

Entitled “Don’t go backward on disclosure,” it discusses Republican Senator Glenn Grothman’s proposal to eliminate employer information from campaign donor disclosures.

The State Journal wisely argues that we should not make our current system of funding political candidates and bribing state lawmakers even worse. True, this is not a hard argument for most people to agree with since it’s obvious — to ordinary citizens, at least. But that doesn’t mean Senator Glenn Grothman (R-West Bend) isn’t for it anyway, as it would make his political life easier by making coordinated campaign contributions less understandable. This dreadful idea, SB292 has 9 Republican co-sponsors in the Assembly.

These are dark days in Wisconsin state government.  The Republican majorities which ignored all those people with signs outside the capitol have shown genuine interest in election financing and voting rules.  From eliminating public unions, to gerrymandering voting districts, to voting ID requirements, to now this, the Republican majorities have reserved their best work for themselves and their own continuing futures in office.  And isn’t that why we elected them? No?  Well, don’t bother telling them; they’re busy.

We congratulate the State Journal today for an Editorial of the Second Type — The Surprisingly Correct.