Palookaville Post: ‘Chocolate better than vanilla’


This article refers to a publication (the “Palookaville Post”) which we originally thought was imaginary… apocryphal… made up (by us). We were mistaken. It turns out the Palookaville Post really exists, and we apologize. We were looking for a name that suggested smallness. “Palookaville” came to mind. We should’ve checked to see whether such a Palookaville publication actually existed. We didn’t. Our bad.


All too often, as we describe the editorial page of the Wisconsin State Journal, we find ourselves using “scare quotes“… i.e., “editorial” rather than editorial, because at least in our view the day’s effort just barely qualifies.

Simply publishing an opinion about some random thing is not enough.

If a newspaper editorializes:

Chocolate is better than vanilla. Not everyone agrees, but that’s what we think!

It’s at once idiotic and yet far more interesting than today’s State Journal “editorial” — Lot’s more we can do here — which is a fairly humdrum news story dressed up as an editorial. County Exec Joe Parisi has formed a committee to explore how to use the county’s Alliant Energy Center more effectively. It’s a fine idea. Nice to see government operating appropriately. The article describes who, what, when, where, why, and includes such incisive nuggets as

That’s smart.

That’s reasonable.

That’s the right attitude.

Jiminy! It’s a big, not-just-interesting, but fascinating world out there.  And this is what Madison, the nation’s 80th largest media market, deserves to read this morning?  This is what occupies the attention of the WSJ editorial page editor?

Let’s check over at the New York Times…. Wow, home run.


So Who’s a Lobbyist?

Published: January 26, 2012

Under the federal lobbying law, Newt Gingrich can legitimately claim that he is not a lobbyist. That alone demonstrates how much the law needs to be changed….

Critically important topic! Why, there’s even an available tie-in to Wisconsin. Tommy Thompson has filed financial disclosures that show (for the umpteenth time) how a former government official can quickly become a multi-millionaire lobbyist.

Of course, the Wisconsin State Journal is not the New York Times.  But neither is it the Palookaville Post.

Is it?