The highest and best use of an editorial page

Look! The local newspaper has given us another Editorial of the Third Kind (i.e., FILLER) in which they praise the work of a worthy organization. Today, it’s the Dane County United Way. The Dane County United Way is — absolutely and unquestionably — a force for good, and so we, too, here and now, offer our praise, also, for this worthy, local organization:

Statement. From TheDailyTissue, For Immediate Release: stands steadfastly behind the tireless work of the Dane County United Way.  Further, we denounce and reject all enemies of the Dane County United Way, if any shall appear. 


Now, is there anything wrong with offering easy praise for the praiseworthy? Well, a newspaper could certainly do worse. As we have said previously, it’s possible that ‘praise-filler’ is as good as the WSJ editorials get.

Praise-filler at least does no harm, even if it offers a thought that no one doesn’t already think.

The only quibble lies in opportunity lost. Real estate appraisers consider the “highest and best use” of property when they consider its value.

A popcorn stand located on the lake might be nearly valueless as used today, but if the same real estate were used for condominiums, the value would skyrocket. The “highest and best use” (in terms of financial valuation) is elsewhere, so the value of the real estate can’t be fully judged by looking at its current [popcorn stand] use.

Is it necessary to continue this discussion as regards the State Journal editorial page?