Love will find a way

Like a helpful friend, the Wisconsin State Journal editorial page explained hard truths to us today, or at least tried to, about the way things work now.

Spectrum Brands, formerly Rayovac Corp., is leaving Madison, moving in with Madison’s best friend, Middleton, and getting a $4 million inducement (it was a “loan” first, then a briefly a “grant” and then finally an “award”) from the State Commerce Department [i.e., People] of Wisconsin) as a thank you for not leaving us altogether.  Time to break out the champagne on the editorial page: “Spectrum decision a win for region“!

The editorial encourages us to stay positive. It’s difficult to hear, but facts are facts. And the facts are this:

Corporations are just not that into us anymore.

Spectrum (Rayovac) had hooked up with Madison for a long time, but nowadays Spectrum is noticing some pretty attractive opportunities elsewhere. Spectrum Corporation needs to look after its own needs, they say, and, let’s be honest (or actually not so honest). Some of the other available cities and states are strutting some pretty attractive inducements. It’s not like Spectrum — or any corporation — can’t find love elsewhere. They can.

So maybe we should drop a few pounds?  Start exercising? Make more of an effort? If Spectrum wants to see other cities, states, or countries in more of an open relationship, who’s to stop them? Corporations have needs. They’re just like anyone else.