They say listening is sometimes better than talking

Today the Wisconsin State Journal‘s benighted but never bashful chief editorialist Scott Milfred struggled to say something (anything) useful about Madison school superintendent Dan Nerod’s plan for raising African-American high school graduation rates. Headlined “Narrowing gap will take more than money,”  the editorial takes up a seemingly intractable problem.

Like a sophomore at mid-term, given one hour to write something — anything — while actually knowing nothing in particular, Milfred scribbles some tentative back-and-forth and this-and-that into his blue book, and hands it in.  It seems a woeful effort.

But it’s worth a C-minus. No one in the exam room did any better. It was a trick question. It was too hard. Nobody — surely, no sophomore — could be expected to have a sure answer. Honestly admitting that would have been worth a B-plus.