State Journal gets angry, fumbles

The Figure 5 in Gold

Charles Demuth, The Figure 5 in Gold (1928), Museum of Modern Art, New York

Time once again to haul out the big Number 5 graphic… as the State Journal has produced another example of what we call the “Type 5 Editorial – the Unintentionally Hilarious (or Just Plain Sad).

They are sputtering mad that the high school basketball championships are leaving Madison. Are they mad at everyone? Mad mostly at the UW? Barry Alvarez? It’s hard to tell.

The editorial promises to “connect the dots”  but then fails to do so. Really, really fails. By the end, we were left wondering if they even know what “connecting the dots” means. It means, of course, to associate two or more things in order to reveal something that was hidden, or at least not obvious.  Detectives connect the dots. Scientists, researchers…. Actually we all do. Or should.

Here, however, is a close analog of today’s WSJ editorial:

There’s a salt shaker and a banana on the counter. We announce that we shall “connect the dots” between the two, and then we bellow: Bananas, in our opinion, are so delicious that it just makes you wonder why anyone who has a banana would also own a salt shaker. It’s mind-boggling! Really!

That is definitely not dot-connecting. Simply mentioning two things within a single rant does not mean the things are really in any way related. It’s just silly. Somebody needs to check over these editorials before they get published.

We must be exaggerating, right? Please examine the editorial yourself, and decide if the seemingly ludicrous analogy above does or does not apply.