The mining bill that must not wait?

Today the Wisconsin State Journal devoted its Sunday editorial to the Gogebic Taconite mining bill — “Dig for deal on mining bill“.

It seems to support no particular bill. If the editorial leans toward potential jobs and against environment protection (or vice versa), it’s not explicitly stated.

It’s useful to remember that this entire legislative effort is aimed at rewriting the law so that a single corporation will be able to construct a mine without certain [choose your framing] ‘business impediments’/’environmental safeguards’ in current Wisconsin law.

It’s also useful to remember the historical moment. Today’s compliant Republican majorities in the Assembly and Senate — and for that matter the Governor himself — may or may not be around to put this all together for Gogebic a few months into the future.

And here’s the one point the editorial is definite about:

So let’s get this done in a smart and timely way. The Legislature’s session is fading fast. Gov. Scott Walker should have the mining bill on his desk by spring.