Revisiting our last comment

OK. We’re gonna take another swing at Voter ID and the comments we made earlier today.  Those earlier comments were inadequate.

Look at this other Wisconsin newspaper editorial — the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on Judge Flanagan’s voter ID ruling.  It is fascinating to compare the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial and the Wisconsin State Journal editorial.

The State Journal focuses entirely on the idea that Flanagan had blundered by earlier signing a Walker recall petition. The Journal Sentinel makes the same point in a single sentence, and then goes on to discuss the real issue of importance — voting rights in Wisconsin:

Government should never move to restrict the right to vote; indeed, it should always seek to ensure the widest possible participation.

Furthermore, as Flanagan pointed out in his decision, there has been very little real evidence of voter fraud in Wisconsin and almost none of the kind that would be prevented by bringing a photo ID to the polls. This long has been a solution in search of a problem.

And it goes on. They actually repeat the business about Flanagan not doing well to sign recall petitions, but they fundamentally focus on voter ID and the right of citizens to VOTE

Final Score: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: 1, Wisconsin State Journal: 0