Wisconsin State Journal goes gaga 4 Republican primary

Was it too many green beers? Too many basketball games? Was it springtime itself? Whatever it was, some lightheaded editorialist at the State Journal (and we think we know who) got way too giddy in public in this dingdong editorial which begins,

Bring it on!

The race for president rolls into Wisconsin this week and next as four contenders for the Republican nomination prepare to duke it out in the April 3 primary.

Enjoy the front-row seat…

Front row? Popcorn? No thanks. Maybe a big ol’ bottle of Orwell’s Victory Gin, because this spectacle is sad. Not just the 4 candidates, but the rivers of great wealth they float in on, and the bewildered citizens who think maybe they’ll vote for one, and the information systems that allow for so much bewilderment.