Raising the retirement age to 70?

Today in an editorial headlined, “Slowly increase retirement age,” the Wisconsin State Journal offers its suggestions for Social Security.  First on their list is to raise the retirement age to 70.

We try to understand where our conservative Republican brothers and sisters at the State Journal are coming from. We fully agree that this is [partly] a math problem. We agree that we want to find a point of equilibrium where the program is financially sound for as far into the future as predicting can be done (maybe 2 or 3 generations — 60-70 years).

But this is not JUST a math problem. There are people.

Do we really want to say that people should, normally, work until they’re 70 years old? Is that what America has come to?

Is it even possible to work that long? It seems to us that a lot of people are doing work that simply cannot be done when you get that old. And it also seems to us that jobs for the elderly are often just not there.

Does any of this enter into the thinking of the conservatives in the Wisconsin State Journal editorial board room?