5 reasons to ignore the local editorial page

We look now at the 5 latest Wisconsin State Journal editorials . And it just leaves us sighing.

Why is so much of America’s news and information and analysis so small? So superficial and silly? So wrong.  Couldn’t this work be outsourced, and possibly improved at the same time?

Monday. They say, “Ditch penny and paper dollar bill“.  Within 90 minutes, online commenter ‘Sammatt offers a devastating rebuttal on the dollar bill part (with links to sources). Dollar coins would cost more. The State Journal hasn’t really done the research. It just has an opinion. Likely wrong, but sounds right to them…

Tuesday. “Welcome news for local schools” – Many state school districts have avoided teacher layoffs despite state cutbacks! So, logically speaking, what was all the fuss? (Thanks, voluntarily retiring teachers!) They finish up with this bit of purely incoherent wordcraft

Across most of the rest of the state — including in Dane County — teachers have lost some income while continuing to work hard to help our children succeed. That makes the news that local teacher layoffs will be scarce especially welcome.

WednesdaySlash the postal service.  A complicated set of realities and political priorities reduced to a few soundbites. Yeah, let’s fire a bunch of postal workers.Does the editorial board imagine that  they belong to the predator class? We’re betting they, too, will discover they are prey.

Thursday. Dutifully inattentive to the global climate catastrophe that is well underway, they demand the Army Corps of Engineers work faster to stop Asian Carp advancing on Lake Michigan. Even clueless and arrogant, this editorial might be better than usual!.

Friday. City council should have clearer rules on instant messaging during meetings. Well, sure. Readers snore in agreement.

So there we have it. Sometimes poorly researched, sometimes incoherently written, sometimes simplistic, or heartless, or clueless or arrogant. And then sometimes RIGHT about a small thing which, finally, will matter not one little bit given our actual situation.