Thoughts on cancelling a newspaper subscription, part 2

When we ended our subscription to the Wisconsin State Journal, we did it because, finally, we just had to. On principle.

Why, oh why, didn’t we cancel (as many did) when they re-endorsed George W. Bush for President? That is a mystery. And a moral failure. Now when we die, we shall not be allowed into heaven.

Later, when we finally did cancel, it was painless:

  • Obviously, it’s online!  We can read their top stories for free. And if we forget — and actually we do — then how necessary was it?
  • We have a great neighbor who has always ‘taken the paper’ (That’s an old manner of speech; it’s not like “taking a beating”.) even though she freely admits to hating the editorials and “especially that Chris Rickert!” as she hurries off to live life. She’s happy to pass along her old, barely-perused newspapers. She has no idea we use ’em to photograph headlines for our “blog”, whatever that might be.
  • The New York Times! Delivered with absolute reliability at 5 AM. Smaller than it used to be, sometimes exasperating, but still essential. It’s almost impossible to finish… there’s never enough time. We could read most of the State Journal while making toast.
  • Finally, the dog. Apparently she doesn’t know or care WHAT’s inside the plastic sleeve. She’ll fetch a year-old copy of anything as long as it’s got a plastic sleeve. She just wants to kill it, and carry it in.  For her, The Capital Times is still in print and delivered daily.
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