Four more newspapers announce cutbacks

More Shrinking News The storied New Orleans Times-Picayune, at one time the employer of such promising writers as William Faulkner and O. Henry, announced a cutback to three days a week in newsprint and lay offs for an unknown number of staff:

Newhouse Newspapers, which owns the Times-Picayune, will apparently be working off a blueprint the company used in Ann Arbor, Mich., where it reduced the frequency of the Ann Arbor News, emphasized the Web site as a primary distributor of news and in the process instituted wholesale layoffs to cut costs.

Hours later, Newhouse announced the same strategy at three of their Alabama newspapers:

  • The Birmingham News
  • The Press-Register of Mobile, and
  • The Huntsville Times

They, too, will print only three days a week and cut staff.

To put this in perspective, the Times-Picayune in March 2011 had more subscribers than the Wisconsin State Journal (141,000 daily subscribers vs 90,000).

The Birmingham paper, too, had more subscribers than our local State Journal (112,000 daily vs 90,000).