Mr. Milfred reads a Forbes list

The Predictable Mr. Milfred and his merry band of “board-people” (editorial board, that is), finish the workweek (warning: they want to charge you to read it.) by citing what you might assume would be a good thing, namely “evidence”. They begin

Here’s more evidence the Madison region needs to improve its image and efforts on business development.

Forbes magazine just lowered our city — again — on its list of “Best Places for Business and Careers.”

Oh, no. It’s a Forbes List!  If that’s not evidence, then nothing is.

Forbes, which is actually a profoundly embarrassing magazine devoted to sniffing the underwear of the wealthy, provides its readers with endless lists and rankings of the rich — America’s Richest People, the World’s Biggest Billionaires, the World’s Most Powerful People, the Women Who Matter Most, the Celebrities Who Make the Most, the 40 Richest Men in Hong Kong, and on and on and on.

So, naturally, if you were a journalist seeking business-image rankings of  American cities, you’d go straight to Forbes for evidence.

In the same way, if you needed an authoritative list of, let’s say, 75 Sex Moves that Men Crave, you’d head straight over to Cosmo. (Ladies — well, actually everybody — take note, it’s all been documented.)

And then, if you’re ever done perusing that (fat chance), take a gander at some fantastic new research involving Madison, Wisconsin., using unbiased, data-driven rankings,” provides this list of Cities that Spoil Their Kids the Most. Guess what! Madison ranks dead last! We are dead last in spoiling our children. Don’t miss the infographic. Now whether that’s good or bad, that’s up to you. But at any rate, there’s the evidence.