Thank you for fixing this

The Edgewater Hotel, pictured here — now matured into a master class in truly regrettable architecture — is all the more regrettable because it’s located on a beautiful lake in an often beautiful city. (You can’t tell from the photo.) Now it will be redeveloped. Easily 9 out of 10 Madisonians think that’s a good thing. (Yes, we just made that number up, but that’s our guess.) So when the State Journal editorial board sets out to thank the Frautchis for making another big downtown project happen, why can’t they just say thanks? Or thanks a lot. Instead it’s all muddled up with their resentment that the original proposal (including $17 million in TIF support) didn’t sail through like they (the editorial board) wanted.

As we’ve said before, never ever invite editorial page editor Scott Milfred to offer a toast at your wedding. Or the eulogy at a loved one’s funeral. This is why.

The editorial is here if you’ve got the time and a subscription. (paywall)