State Journal completely tickled by Ryan announcement

Oh, boy, our local editorial page is simply over the moon today, excited by the thought of Congressman Paul Ryan as VP candidate.  Wait, did we say “excited”?  More like “thrilled,” “electrified,” and “all-a-twitter.” They’re reveling:

“How far that jolt travels and how long that spark lasts remains to be seen, but for now we’ll revel in the moment and enjoy the national spotlight that will shine brightly on our state between now and Nov. 6.”

Their socks have been knocked right off!

They invite their readers, as in olden times, to send letters for [possible] publication later in the week. Us? No, we don’t think we’ll do that. Here’s this graph. (They don’t let letter-writers include graphs.)

Now Romney and Ryan are not even hiding their plans (à la Scott Walker). Ryan and Romney affirmatively promise to make things even BETTER for the rich, and worse for everyone else.

To a moral imbecile, that might make sense. But to anyone else?

Yesterday, Professor Mark Thoma’s Economist’s View blog:

If you think the middle class has it too good, too much security, taxes aren’t high enough, not enough fear of unemployment, too much help for education, and so on, while the wealthy haven’t been coddled enough in recent years, not enough tax cuts, too little upward redistribution of income, not enough bank bailouts, etc., etc., then the Republican proposals should make you happy.

(Hyperlinks don’t work in those ‘letters-to-the-editor’ either.)

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