Are we done?

Labor Day. The Daily Tissue has published for just over a year. We wonder are we done?

This little blogitty thing began more out of annoyance than any rational goal. Our local newspaper was gradually disappearing, and its editorial page was actively alienating its natural, local audience.  That is all still true.

Did we hope that somehow that editorial page would improve? Well, we might have. A little. It seems silly to admit.

Exactly why the majority of staff putting out the Wisconsin State Journal do not walk into a meeting of the editorial board with flaming torches and pitchforks to explain that they want to keep their jobs, and that the miserable work on editorial page makes that less and less likely, and that routine inconsequential drivel may be one thing but the really dumb stuff about important topics has got to cease… why that doesn’t happen is kind of a mystery, but we suppose it has something to do with being a-scared of the boss who — against all odds and evidence — must imagine his editorial page is doing all right.

Maybe that’s the problem. We don’t know. We have no inside information. We just follow along, as readers. Albeit less and less, as there’s less to read.

We realized our comments had gotten all too repetitive when we sat down last week to say something about the State Journal’s discouragingly dishonest editorial on Voter ID. Who is it supposed to fool? It just makes you sigh. The editorial first determines, based on nothing, that it’s no big deal to make it harder for some people to vote, even though Wisconsin Republicans had only “wild claims” to justify their new law. The editorial writers say students and the poor could obtain the newly required — but technically free-of-charge — photo IDs if they just had the “gumption”. (Of course they’d also need time, transportation, and the proper certified proof of citizenship to go along with their unusually strong determination to be a voter, quite possibly for the lesser of two evils.) And finally — out of simply nowhere, of course — the editorial includes the nonsensical and yet always serviceable boilerplate trope ‘Other Party Also to Blame’. The Other Party, it seems, had spoken out against the new law, and that seemed like “playing politics” to the editorial writers. Honest. Read it yourself.

…like those emails from Nigeria

It was laughably poor persuasion, but the thing is — these laughers are fairly routine.

How many times can we make fun of these guys without boring ourselves silly? It’s like warning folks about Nigerian scam emails. After a while, you get tired of saying it, even though the emails keep on coming.