Wisconsin State Journal shrinks again

The Wisconsin State Journal is laying off more staff. Cap Times not affected, as we read the stories, but State Journal and other Capital Newspapers holdings definitely are.

JimRomenesko.com, as usual, has the most insider-ish story.

The Wisconsin State Journal has the basic facts presented as favorably as possible.

This is a slow-motion disaster for the working journalists, other newspaper staff, and the people of Madison, Dane County, and southern Wisconsin.

One thought on “Wisconsin State Journal shrinks again

  1. Mike

    The State Journal has always disrespected its readers and community. This is a town with the third (x) most prominent Jane Austen (y) scholar in the world or something, and hundreds of sentences like this could be written with low x’s and y’s of importance and interest to many people. The Madison metropolitan area has the fourth highest share of workers with a college degree in the United States (47%) according to Enrico Moretti in The New Geography of Jobs.

    Yet the geniuses at the WSJ persist in dumbing down content and will be glad to explain how they’re doing readers a favor, dummies that they are. So now fundamentals in their business are going south and there is no fund of good will for them. The community will be improved when they disappear. Reading the paper makes you stupider and less able to cope with the information-rich environment at our fingertips.