Why do they bother?

why botherFrom time to time we still see the Wisconsin State Journal.

  • Metcalfe’s grocery gives away the WSJ for free on Sundays.
  • And the nice neighbor lady still, as she says, “takes the newspaper.” She passes along an accumulation every couple weeks, and we glance at them.

Today we got the free one from Metcalfe’s. Just for old times’ sake, we opened up the editorial page. Jeebus! What a forlorn and witless effort. And on a Sunday! Sunday is their prime time. If they’ve got a best effort, it oughta be on a Sunday. They were telling readers how Wisconsin’s economy ought to be organized, which they summarize, quite fairly, as follows:

Wisconsin needs its farms and machine shops
but also more research and technology.

How do they come up with this stuff??? Could anything be any more humdrum and worthless?

We don’t grade middle-school essays, but we imagine that this could easily be the homework of an eighth-grade essayist with a deadline and an eighth-grade understanding of economics. Why does “Wisconsin’s Independent Voice” offer this up? And on a Sunday. Can’t we demand better?

Jeebus, maybe we’re not done…