Seriously, they pay someone for this???

Yesterday wasn’t the first time we laid down the editorial page of the Wisconsin State Journal and accidentally woke up the dog by asking ourselves, um, apparently out loud

Couldn’t this work be easily outsourced?  Couldn’t someone in India produce 250 words of whatever this is, and do it at 1/10th the cost???

It’s a serious question. Are they really paying an editorial page editor, oh… $60,000 a year to produce THIS (the thing we mentioned yesterday)? It reminded us of nothing so much as an exam essay where the student had nothing to say but needed to write something, anything, before time was up. (i.e., the old pure bullshit hail mary, god bless it).

Meanwhile, over at Isthmus, they’re paying former mayor Dave Cieslewicz, um, well we don’t know? … probably less? But he‘s got something worthwhile to think about, AGAIN. Cieslewicz:

While Minnesota works with unions, approves same sex marriage, invests in public education, protects its environment, embraces health care reform and invests in transportation, Wisconsin kills its unions, continues to discriminate against gays and lesbians, disinvests in public education, weakens its once proud tradition of environmental stewardship, stubbornly and stupidly continues to fight improvements in health care, and can’t even muster the support to rebuild roads much less invest in high-speed rail.

Why is the Isthmus weekly so routinely superior to the State Journal daily? Being the hard-headed businessman that I am, I’m pretty sure the answer is management.