Wisconsin State Journal backs same-sex marriage

The Wisconsin State Journal has now endorsed same-sex marriage for Wisconsin.

That’s a good thing.

Some will say that it’s about time. Hell, former Republican National Committee chairman Ken Mehlman has been out of his closet since 2010… and campaigning ever since (!) for gay marriage.

Some will say that it’s peculiar for the State Journal to proclaim, “Wisconsin should lead on the issue, not sit back and watch the rest of the world move forward without us.” Yes, technically, it’s a little late to actually “lead” on this, since Iowa and Minnesota have already approved it. But we can try not to be last. There’s still plenty of time (presumably) to beat Mississippi.

Will we beat Mississippi? Hard to say. There’s nothing going on in our safely gerrymandered Republican state legislature that’s positive for gay marriage. But the State Journal says it’s not a partisan issue. So maybe surprising progress will break out amongst our GOP legislators. Maybe those journalists on the State Journal editorial board are sitting on a surprising scoop!

In the meantime, let’s say it again. Great work, WSJ editorial board!

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