Wisconsin State Journal admires another flock of pink unicorns

Oh, boy. Continuing in its string of weirdly disconnected-from-reality editorials, the WSJ seems more and more to be writing from the memory care wing of an assisted living facility. Today they want everyone to Root for the Problem Solvers in Washington! 

The gist of it (believe it or not) is this:

Wouldn’t it be great if more of our leaders in Washington, D.C., got to know each other across party lines to search for more agreement?

Well sure! And wouldn’t it be great if that nest of raccoons hiding in the storm sewer actually turned out to be magical unicorns? And then, let’s say, what if the raccoonicorns brought us fresh bouquets of posies every morning? Wouldn’t that be great?

wizard riding a unicorn on a rainbow in spaceAs we’ve already said recently here and here, this is once again pure and balmy purple unicorns flying-in-from-outer-space-to-fix-things nonsense. The mess in Washington is easily understood. The conservative movement came into total control with the election of George W. Bush and the results were SO poor that “W” and his 8 years have been ERASED from conservative discussion, and possibly from conservative memory. The poor guy wasn’t even invited to the last Republican convention. Sure, it’s weird, but it was strategically necessary that voters should un-remember what it was like when the Grand Old Party held national majority power. When the GOP fell out of [majority] power, they still had the power to obstruct. They turned to relentless defense — filibusters, inaction, and manufactured crises — which continue to this day, and are promised for the future. Are you ready for the next debt-ceiling “crisis & debate”? Perhaps that will be averted somehow by unicorns. Wouldn’t that be great?

It’s not “Washington” (whatever that means) that wants gridlock. It’s not “the public” (whatever that means) that wants gridlock. “Republicans” want gridlock. Hardline conservatives — if they cannot be in actual control — want gridlock. They have convinced a sizable portion of their most excitable base that compromise is a dirty word. And now that base, voting within gerrymandered districts, where a primary election IS the election, demands more and more hardline “conservatism” (which at the moment nationally includes reflexive opposition to anything supported by Democrats). No compromise. No wobbling. No “RINOs“. America must be ungovernable until the one true party can return to power.

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